31 May 2010

ME Lower - 31.05.10

Deadlift... 40x5 / 80x3 / 120x3 / 160x3 / Belt.. 190 / 220 / 250 / 255

4" Defecit Deadlift... 220 / 190x4x1

back on Par with dead and press now. not gona be hitting a max single on squats untill the comp. chuffed to fuck with the 250, felt very easy.

only psyched up for the top set so pleased with that also.

28 May 2010

DE Upper - 28.05.10 - Aspire Fitness


Bench Press... 20x8 / 20x8 / 40x2 / 60x2 / 80x2 / 100x10x2 / 115 / 130

OHP... 60x3 / 70x3 / 80x3 / 80x3 / 90x2F3 / 60x10

DB Row... 30x10 / 60x6 / 60x10

Machine Low Row... 70x10 / 70x10

Face Pulls... 41x3x10 / 25x20

Raise Triset... 7.5x10

Snatch... 60x10x1

technique felt much better, and reps felt much easier than last week, so much so the 130 flew up, even though its meant to be a straining set. pleased with that! still not quite tight on the bench but definately getting the leg drive right i think.

should've done more rows in hindsight, low row was quite literally for pumpage, big contraction on the pull

26 May 2010

DE Lower - 26.05.10

Squat... 60x2 / 80x2 / 100x2 / 125x8x2

Front Squat... 100x3x5

Backward Drags... 60x2 / 80x1 / 100x3

Decline Abs... +5x3x6

squats pretty fast. although i was feeling weak today, things felt easy, so good i suppose. was meant to do 5x10 on the front squats but head shot with technique, lol. only for assistance so not bothered tbh.

drags on a different surface to last time so slightly harder as there was more friction.

****ed by the abs so skipped two sets, will punish myself with excess volume of steak for tea.

test boost..

Change of Format

I don't think anyone has al ink to this or has ever come across this, if you do or have it's changing.

My interest in professional level strongman has reduced similar can be said for my passion for it as a standalone sport. I have no time or drive to want to do many of the lifts, though i do still feel i may return to it for shits and giggles in the future, as a primary training goal i now look to powerlifting. In its essence, the Squat / Bench Press / Deadlift.

I've joined the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association), a WDFPF affiliate and the WSA (Welsh Strength Associtaion) and look forward to competing at both. My first comp will be under the South West Division of the BDFPA where i hope to total 600, at least.

Through the winter i have taken some time off, hence lifts have gone down and stagnent for a while, though they are back on the rise.

Most recently i have hit 200/145/243 in training. Im looking to get to 220/155/260 by the end of the year at least.

Anyway, this is now my log, no side banter, no bullshit, exaclty as i write it in my log book, with additional thoughts and any random stories, comp write up. Follow it at your peril.