28 May 2010

DE Upper - 28.05.10 - Aspire Fitness


Bench Press... 20x8 / 20x8 / 40x2 / 60x2 / 80x2 / 100x10x2 / 115 / 130

OHP... 60x3 / 70x3 / 80x3 / 80x3 / 90x2F3 / 60x10

DB Row... 30x10 / 60x6 / 60x10

Machine Low Row... 70x10 / 70x10

Face Pulls... 41x3x10 / 25x20

Raise Triset... 7.5x10

Snatch... 60x10x1

technique felt much better, and reps felt much easier than last week, so much so the 130 flew up, even though its meant to be a straining set. pleased with that! still not quite tight on the bench but definately getting the leg drive right i think.

should've done more rows in hindsight, low row was quite literally for pumpage, big contraction on the pull

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