30 June 2010

DE Upper - 30.06.10

Floor Press... 20x2x6 / 60x2x6

Floor Press + Band... 85x10x3

DB Rolling Extension... 16.5x10 / 20.5x4x10

DB Raise Triset... 12.5x3x6

DB Hammer Curl... 16.5x3x10
Pushdowns... 2x33

should have done 50% on the DE work, but wanted to see what tension was like, i think its adequate for what im trying to achieve so will drop down to 50% and do a three pendulum wave to 60% then change to flat bench.

27 June 2010

BDFPA SW Mid Season Divisionals - 27.06.10

Squat... 190 / 200 / 210

Bench... 130 / 140 / 145F

Deadlift... 235 / 250 / 260F

Squat all good, bench was just lame, tried to lower it quickly to get more stretch reflex but not used to that tech so ****ed up. Deadlift should've gone, the guy who had been before me during the rounds was suddenly behind me, i didnt realise as i was listening to my iPod so wasnt in the right zone, still excuses etc..

600 @ 109

the minimum i wanted just a shame i didnt push the squat as friends said it looked easy and the deadlift should've gone.

25 June 2010

First meet thoughts - BDFPA SW Divisionals

Hmmm, i have no idea of what i want to accomplish apart from some PB's, though having read recently that the total should be built comp by comp i dont plan on ruining myself in it.

Im opening 190/130/235 with an aim to get 620 at least, i imagine im in the ball park of 220/150/265.

looking to get at least my old squat pb of 215 as i would prefer to make the lift rather than fail it. the pull im feeling confident of, my tech has improved alot lately and speed is also getting good, 260 should be there, the 255 i previously had was 258 including collars and wheelplates so 260 just needs driving home. i have no idea what to do about my bench, i may concrete in 145 or push it for a pb, all i need to remember is not to kill myself as i want to train the following week and improve on the number at the next meet, im assuming is the end of august, with the WSA.

24 June 2010

GPP - 24.06.10

Rolling DB Extension... 16.5x3x20

BB Walking Lunge... 20x3x20

Band Pushdowns... 3x33
Decline Situps... 3x15

done in 20 mins on the button

15 June 2010

15.06.10 - Openers - Aspire

Squat... 20x3 / 20x3 / 70x3 / 90 / 120 / 140 / 180

Bench Press... 20x3 / 60x3 / 80 / 100 / 130

Deadlift... 70 / 120 / 170 / 200 / 230

DB Bench Press...
20x5 / 30x5 / 45x3x6 / 20x20

Facepulls... 48x3x10

DB Hammer Curls... 20x3x10

Reverse Hack Squat... 50x4x10

Hyperextension... 10 / +10x4x10

maybe drop to 175 for the first squat and 125 for the bench, will consider it over my ten days off. deadlift easy, though didnt set up right so was out of groove.

hypers killed me.

13 June 2010

Current Programme

Noticed i havent actually got my programme written anywhere.

It's the basic westside template with some adaptions for raw lifting, but not many; spread over 10 days instead of 7 just because i like lifting 3 days per week and find i need more recovery time than most people.

ME is working to either a max triple or single. If working to a max single, three lifts should be at or above 90%.
Assistance work is done to both increase assisting muscle groups' strength and promote hypertrophy.

ME Upper

Bench Press / Floor Press / Triton Press
Tate Press
BB Rows
hammer curls
multiple raises

DE Lower

Squats - 8*2
Deadlifts - 6*1
Ab Roller

DE Upper

Bench Press - 8*3
DB Row
Same asssistance as ME upper

ME Lower

Deadlift / Squat / Concentric Good Morning
Defecit DL / Paused Squat / Backward sled drags
High rep GM / GHR
Decline weighted sit up

That in essence is all there is, it's spread over three weeks, though atm im prioritising bench work as it's new to me.

Im gona be re-evaluating it over the next few weeks as im about to read the full Westside Book of Methods, which may or may not provide me with some new ideas. We'll see.

11 June 2010

ME Upper - 11.06.10 - Aspire

Bench Press... 20x8 / 40x2 / 60x2 / 80x2 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 145 / 100x2F10

Tate Press... 22.5x4x10 / 25x2x10

Facepulls... 48x5x10

Raise Triset... 10x3x10

Hammer Curls... 20x5x6

really bad tendonitis flare up today, guessing from a minor bicep pull yesterday (lifting wine cases). i had initiated a set of pull ups but couldn't manage a single rep, hence no back work.

prob went to heavy on monday as the 145 was quite a struggle, not touch and go but hardly a 2s pause. still, looking for 150 on comp day now.

dynamic upper next week will be subbed for RE and the DE lower will go ahead as planned.

9 June 2010

ME Upper - 09.06.10

109/240 Bodyweight

SQT... 60x3 / 100x3 / 140x3 / Sleeves off.. 180x3 / Belt on..190x3

Paused Squat... 140 / 170 / 170

Good Morning... 60x2x20

Decline Sit Up... +5x3x10 / 15

squats harder than anticipated, had hoped for 190 beltless but not there atm.
still im looking for my previous PB at the comp now (215), though that depends on the day, either way, 210 is there for the taking.

6 June 2010

DE Upper - 06.06.10 - Aspire

Bench Press... 20x10 / 40x3 / 60x3 / 80x3 / 105x10x2 / 120 / 130 / 140

OHP... 60x3 / 80x3 / 95 / 95F / 90 / 90 / 60x2x10

BB Row... 60x8 / 100x8 / 120x3x8

CG Pulldown... 103x3x8

Face Pulls... 48x4x10 / 41x10

Flye Triset... 7.5x2

lost my groove on the 140, half way down i just collapsed it on my chest, kept tight, just dropped it though, anyway, still paused it for 2 and drove it home, pretty easily.

opening at 130 at the SW Divisionals.

OHP a bit lame, meant to be 3 singles at 95, just wasnt there today.

face pulls good, only went up this week and nearly managed all sets.

Strain sets -

4 June 2010

DE Lower - 04.06.10

Squat... 20x2 / 60x2 / 100x2 / 130x6x2

DL... 100 / 130 / 150x5x1

Band Leg Curls... 3x15

Single Leg Glute Bridge... 2x10

Eccentric Standing Ab Roller... 2x5

Kneeling Ab Roller... 3x5

loose belt for work sets, all snappy, was tempted to add chains for the deads but decided to leave it for next time. eccentric rollouts are murder, **** knows how people can do a whole one.

2 June 2010

ME Upper - 02.06.10 - Aspire Fitness

DB Bench... 10x3 / 20x3 / 30x3 / 40x4 / 50x3 / 55x3 / 55x2F3 / 50x2x5 / 40x2x6

Tate Press... 22.5x5x10

DB Row... 60x10 / 60x10

CG Pulldown... 104x3x6

Facepulls... 41x5x10

Flye Triset... 7.5x2

Snatches... up to 90x2x1

pleased with DB press seeing as i havent done any flat bench DB work in nigh on four years. was hoping to play with the 60s, will have to work up to them, not far off though.

gona work up the volume on the rows, 2 reps extra per session is the idea.

weight gain shakes finish today, so im hoping to maintain now (~110-115) for the next few months, or at least hover, which should be achieveable, the main reason i used them was to get back to where i was, i think im there, so time to bring the pain.