13 June 2010

Current Programme

Noticed i havent actually got my programme written anywhere.

It's the basic westside template with some adaptions for raw lifting, but not many; spread over 10 days instead of 7 just because i like lifting 3 days per week and find i need more recovery time than most people.

ME is working to either a max triple or single. If working to a max single, three lifts should be at or above 90%.
Assistance work is done to both increase assisting muscle groups' strength and promote hypertrophy.

ME Upper

Bench Press / Floor Press / Triton Press
Tate Press
BB Rows
hammer curls
multiple raises

DE Lower

Squats - 8*2
Deadlifts - 6*1
Ab Roller

DE Upper

Bench Press - 8*3
DB Row
Same asssistance as ME upper

ME Lower

Deadlift / Squat / Concentric Good Morning
Defecit DL / Paused Squat / Backward sled drags
High rep GM / GHR
Decline weighted sit up

That in essence is all there is, it's spread over three weeks, though atm im prioritising bench work as it's new to me.

Im gona be re-evaluating it over the next few weeks as im about to read the full Westside Book of Methods, which may or may not provide me with some new ideas. We'll see.

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