25 June 2010

First meet thoughts - BDFPA SW Divisionals

Hmmm, i have no idea of what i want to accomplish apart from some PB's, though having read recently that the total should be built comp by comp i dont plan on ruining myself in it.

Im opening 190/130/235 with an aim to get 620 at least, i imagine im in the ball park of 220/150/265.

looking to get at least my old squat pb of 215 as i would prefer to make the lift rather than fail it. the pull im feeling confident of, my tech has improved alot lately and speed is also getting good, 260 should be there, the 255 i previously had was 258 including collars and wheelplates so 260 just needs driving home. i have no idea what to do about my bench, i may concrete in 145 or push it for a pb, all i need to remember is not to kill myself as i want to train the following week and improve on the number at the next meet, im assuming is the end of august, with the WSA.

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