2 June 2010

ME Upper - 02.06.10 - Aspire Fitness

DB Bench... 10x3 / 20x3 / 30x3 / 40x4 / 50x3 / 55x3 / 55x2F3 / 50x2x5 / 40x2x6

Tate Press... 22.5x5x10

DB Row... 60x10 / 60x10

CG Pulldown... 104x3x6

Facepulls... 41x5x10

Flye Triset... 7.5x2

Snatches... up to 90x2x1

pleased with DB press seeing as i havent done any flat bench DB work in nigh on four years. was hoping to play with the 60s, will have to work up to them, not far off though.

gona work up the volume on the rows, 2 reps extra per session is the idea.

weight gain shakes finish today, so im hoping to maintain now (~110-115) for the next few months, or at least hover, which should be achieveable, the main reason i used them was to get back to where i was, i think im there, so time to bring the pain.

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