27 July 2010

DE Lower - 27/07/10

Squat + bands*... 20x2x2 / 60x2 / 100x3x2..100x3x2..100x3x2

ITH Front Squat Anderson... 60 / 100 / 130 / 150

Standing Abs... 20x2x10 / 25x3x10

* no idea of tension, i'd have a guess at 10-15k hence the drop <50%. up to 50% next time. did rest pause, so 3 sets back to back with 30s rest only, though i think this is too much, checked the WSBB blog and they did 10s so need to see what the leeway is with rest-pause. andersons to replace speed deads as i couldnt be arsed to **** about to adjust the pins so i could pull, damn i need a bigger shed, or a gym membership.

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