14 July 2010

ME Upper - 14.07.10

Close Grip Triton Floor Press* +10k chains...20x2x3 / 60x2x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 110 / 120 / 125F / 125F

Close Grip Triton Floor Press +10k chains...100x3 / 120 / 130 / 135F / 100x2x3

Triton Lying Extensions +10k chains... 40x6 / 50x5x6

BB Row... 60x6 / 100x6 / 130x3x6

Chest Expander... #2x2x20
DB Curl...

* first grip setting was too close, i checked on camera and my elbows were not underneath the grip so i moved the handles out to the next setting ~2" and built back up, made a big difference.

couldnt be arsed with accessory stuff after all the fiddling about so just did a quick high repper with no rests.

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