31 August 2010

DE Lower - 31.08.10

Banded Squat +12k chains... 40x2 / 60x2 / 80x2 / 100x2 / 120x8x2 / 160 / 170

RDL... 100x3 / 140x3 / 180x3

squat all done beltless, bar the two strain sets. will do abs tomorrow coupled with some banded good mornings and the like.

...cont. 01.09.10

Decline Situps... +7.5x4x10
Band GM... 4x20

30 August 2010

ME Upper - 30.08.10 - Daves "SHIT" Gym

Doubled Band Bench... 20x2x3 / 60x2x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120 / 130F / 125F

Rev Band CG Bench... 100x4x6

CG Bench... 100x10

DB Row... 50x2x15

Facepulls... 40x3x15
Rear Flye... 10x2x6

turned out every lift 100+ on the bench was overloaded by 5k on the right, didnt notice with the heavier sets but def did when i came down to the rev band work, and consequently got v.pissed off. Jordan's weights are the same size for the 20k and 25k plate, extremely pissed with that. about 20k tension on the bands, so managed a 140 (145 including misload) maybe could have had 150, who ****ing knows.

27 August 2010

ME Lower - 26.08.10

Squat stance Concentric GM... 20x2x3 / 40x3 / 60x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 170+chains / 150+chainsx2

Banded GM's... 5 mins straight

BB Shrugs... 100x3x15
Facepulls... 20x3x12

hams are absolutely killing today, i have zero LA tollerance. 170+chains didnt feel hard but was more straining than training, so stopped there.

24 August 2010

DE Upper - 24.08.10

Banded triton floor press... 20x2x3 / 60x3 / 80x3 / +chains... 90x2x3 / 80x8x3

Wide Grip BB Floor Press... 90x6 / 110x6 / 110x6 / 110x5F6

BB Row... 110x3x10

first two sets of speed work not quite quick enough, hence drop. did the final eight sets as double sets with a 15s rest-pause.

will do some pumper work shit tomorrow for traps and triceps.

23 August 2010

DE Lower - 23.08.10

Squat +bands +chains... 60x2 / 80x2 / 100x2 / 113x10x2

Revband squat +chains... 133.5x10

Decline leg raise... 3x15

squat feeling really good, rev band work just to get some rep work in after dynamic stuff. more bar weight next time.

19 August 2010

ME Upper - 19.08.10 - Aspire

DB Bench... 10x2x10 / 20x10 / 30x8 / 40x6 / 50x3 / 55x2 / 60F / 57.5 ((PR)) / 50x4 / 45x6

Rev Band CGBP... 60x10 / 80x10 / 100x10 / 110x3x6

Gym Ring Chins... 4x5
Seated DB Power Cleans... 10x4x10

Hammer Curls... 17.5x3x10
Rev Flye... 10x3x10

not feeling as strong as last time, where i got 55x3, the double was a struggle. more work needed here.

seated db powercleans are awsome.

17 August 2010

ME Lower - 17.08.10

Front Squat... 60x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 175F / 170F

Anderson Squat in the hole... 160 / Front ... 140

Close stance GM... 100x4x6

Decline Abs... +7x4x10

i think 170 would have gone if attempted before the 175, i tend to get stupid cramp after any heavy quad work, i rode the 170 attempt down but didnt even attempt to squat it up, there was literally nothing there. the anderson were just to put the bar back on the rack after the failures. really wanted 180, will leave it for a while for now.

15 August 2010

DE Upper - 15.08.10

Rev Band Floor Press (10k chains)... 20x3 / 60x3 / 80x3 / 87.5x10x3

Ultra Wide Grip Floor Press... 80x5 / 100x5x5

Rows... 100x2x10

FP - 97.5 at top, 77.5 at the bottom.

WGFP done to help off the chest, if im at home ill do this, if in gym DB bench.

13 August 2010

DE Lower - 13.08.10

Rev band (-20) Squat +10k chains... 60x2 / 100x2 / 125x10x2

Rev band DL (-15) + 10k chains... 60 / 100 / 140 / 170x6x1

Glute Bridge... 3x20

Rollouts... 4x10

slow eccentric on all squats today, concentrating on flying out the hole

DL swimmingly, squeezing buns hard on these. rollouts suprisingly easy, may try standing for a few next time.

11 August 2010

Last night cont...

BB Shrug... 80x5x15

Pushdown... 20x5x16
DB Hammer Curl... 16.5x5x10

Triton Chins... 2x8

10 August 2010

ME Upper - 10.08.10

Seated OHP... 60x2x2 / 70x2 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 95Fx2 / 60x3x10

OH Tricep Extension... 40x3x12

lame as shit. should do tri, traps and bi's, will do tomorrow instead, cant be bothered today

8 August 2010

ME Lower - 08.08.10

Low Rack Pull... 20x3x1 / 60x3x1 / 100x3x1 / 140x3x1 / 180 / 200 / 220 / 240 / 250 / 220 / 200x2x1 / 180x3x1

Slow tempo front squat... 100x5x3

Gymnastic Ring Pull ups... 2x8
Wide Grip Pull ups... 2x6
Chins... 2x6

Standing Ab Pulldowns... 5x15
Hyperextension... +5x5x12

was hoping to push for more than my regular dead PB but wasn't there, 250 was a grind for lockout, looking back i should've dumped my shoulders back sooner.

first three sets of abs/hypers were back to back then had a break for last two sets.

5 August 2010

DE Upper - 05.08.10

Bench Press + doubled band (+~20k)... 60x2x3 / 80x10x3

Rev Band Floor Press... 80x8 / 110x3x8

Tate Press... 25x3x10

Facepulls... 4x20

Flye Triset... 7.5x3x10

DB Row... 50x2x15

[I]bit backwards tonight as was training with the ass. training with him again on sun for max low rack pulls, looking for something worthwhile so gona use the salts, no harm in it as last week had no max lower work.[/I]

3 August 2010

DE Lower - 03.08.10

Squat + bands (~10-15k)... 60x2x2 / 115x8x2

Rev band DL (~15k)... 100 / 100 / 140 / 170x5x1

Ghetto GHR... 10 CRAMPS OF DOOM - abort

Band GMs... 3 minutes slow tempo

squat didnt look to great on vid, looks as though i was rounding in the hole, though i didnt feel it, which is strange. DL's were super rapido, vid to come showing tech and setup

2 August 2010

ME Upper - 02.08.10

Axle Floor Press Lockout - 17" off floor... 50x3 / 90x3 / 130x3 / 140 / 150 / 160 / 170F / 165F / 130x5

Axle CGFP... 90x12 / 90x12 / 90x8F12

BB Row... 90x2x20

Facepulls... 20x2x15
Plate Raise... 15x2x10

upper arm jsut past parallel on the press. all gravy, the 160 felt ok for the most part, wouldve thought the 165 would've gone. meh.