30 August 2010

ME Upper - 30.08.10 - Daves "SHIT" Gym

Doubled Band Bench... 20x2x3 / 60x2x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120 / 130F / 125F

Rev Band CG Bench... 100x4x6

CG Bench... 100x10

DB Row... 50x2x15

Facepulls... 40x3x15
Rear Flye... 10x2x6

turned out every lift 100+ on the bench was overloaded by 5k on the right, didnt notice with the heavier sets but def did when i came down to the rev band work, and consequently got v.pissed off. Jordan's weights are the same size for the 20k and 25k plate, extremely pissed with that. about 20k tension on the bands, so managed a 140 (145 including misload) maybe could have had 150, who ****ing knows.

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