30 September 2010

MEDL - 30.09.10

Deads 2@9... 60x2 / 100x2 / 140x2 / 180x2 / 200x2 / 220x2@9
+belt... 230x1F2 @10

GMs... 60x3x10

Iron Cross... 90s

seriously lame efforts here, was hoping for @9 on the 230 which would mean a double with one to spare. tech a bit off, have figured when my head positioning needs to be but not getting the right leverage for any speed with my hips going through. gona work up the GM's slowly.

29 September 2010

DE Bench - 29.09.10

Bench Press 3@8... 60x2x3 / 80x3x3 / 100x3 / 110x7x3

Close Grip Bench... 90x10 / 90x10 / 90x8..10

Chins (Various Grips)... 10 / 10 / 8 / 7

Facepull... 15x2x15
Cable Curl... 15x2x15

Rope Upright Row... 15x2x20

Using RTS' RPE scale from now on as opposed to percentages. Pauses a bit sporadic, but im not too bothered atm, will be more mindfull of it around comp time though. I also played around with grip width slightly, i used a very slightly narrower grip for sets 5 and 6 and whilst they felt more powerful, the groove didnt feel right. Will keep playing.


After a brief critique from Mike Turscherer i've slightly modified the mesocycle, this is to increase the intensity on the bench press work and to ensure ME work is @9/10. I decided to go for two weeks set at 9 and the following at 9/10, depending on recovery on the day/week before. The following is the modified version.

Aside from those changes, Mike seems to think it may be a good starting point, the discussion regarding the idea of mixing percentage based templates and RTS is here..

28 September 2010

Reactive Training systems

Otherwise known as RTS by Mike Tuchscherer, is a system that rather than working of a percentage works on your rate of exertion, as previously mentioned. I have decided to use the following template for my mesocycle..

This will allow for more volume on the max work, where i will work up to the set depicted, i will do this for the time being and when i have my next meet will work on devloping my own RPE table and probably look at doing fatigue drops for the dynamic work, ie. picking what i think will be an @7 and working at that level untill bar speed is not acceptable. May rejig the final week too, depending how i find it allows me to recover.

RPE and RTS info..



27 September 2010

DE Lower - 27.09.10

Squat... 100x2x2 / 130x2x2 / 150x7x2

SLDL... 100x3 / 140x3 / 170x3 / 170x3 / 160x3 / 160x3

Standing Abs
Pulley Curl

ok, so thats bang on 75% based on the squat session i had last week, i think at a heavier weight i can also improve my tech. at 50-60%, what i was using before, the thoughts are on moving as fast as possible, at this higher weight, im thinking of ways to improve tech in order to get the bar speed, by the 6th set i had increased speed by making changes to my hand positioning and tightness in my back.

Training thoughts

Westside is not 100% working for me, im undecided if this is down to lack of volume on the competition lifts or if i've made a mistake in my exercise selection.

Looking back over the exercise selections i've made, the ME bench work hasnt been too bad, with most of the selection being either a floor press of some variation or a bench press of some variation.

ME lower work has been ok also, though i think with only one session per mesocycle for the squat and deadlift, the volume to illicit progression isn't there, if i keep to westside, i will remove good mornings as a main exercise and utilise the additional session for the other two lifts, this would increase the lifts per mesocycle to two for the deadlift and squat. GM's will be done as assistance.

DE work has been poorly planned and for both upper and lower work, there has been too much accomodating resistance, and whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing i think it may have been hurting my recovery as well as not allowing me to work the weaker positions of my lifts.

Acc Res - From here, i will likely utilise this only for max effort work, i plan to increase the weight on dynamic work to somewhere in the region of 70-80%.

Im looking at running a basic template, utilising a 5rep week, 3 rep week and then a single or double, in a sense, 531 but not the same set pattern, the set pattern is likely to be determined by my fatigue levels, using RTS systems RPE methods. So i may end up doing 4 sets of 5 in the first week one cycle but the next cycle only three, depending on fatigue.

Assitance is going to be cut back also, i havent decided to what exactly but the following will definately be there..


Im also still working opn my glutes so hopefully once they are up to par i will introduce some hypertrophy and strength work for them.

More to come when i've found the answer.

26 September 2010

ME Upper - 26.09.10


Bench Press +15k chains... 20x3 / 40x3 / 60x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120x3 / 140F
No chains... 140x3x1
CGBP... 120x3x3 / 100x7

Ext Roatation


the 120 triple with the chains wasnt easy, so i was stupid going for the 140, hopefully the new methods im thinking of using will stop me being so stupid.

tried experimenting with the grip on the 140 singles, prob not worth the bother and hard to tell at such a high weight for me. this is something else im going to look into.

24 September 2010

ME Lower - 24.09.10

Beltless Squat... 60x2x3 / 80x2x3 / 100 / 140 / 170 / 200

Belted... 200 / 210F

Beltless... 140x3x3

Chins... 4x8

seriously gay and crappy session. had a bit of doms going in from monday DE session, so probably overdone it there, consequently took ages to warm up, but whatever. was hoping for 210 beltless, wasnt gona happen today.

really hating bodypart splits, by the time i've done my squats, the last thing i want to do is load my spine for stiff legs or the like, gona have a good read about to try and sort my shit out. want to keep the dynamic work to some extent but use some other methods ive been reading about as late.

22 September 2010

DE Upper - 22.09.10

Paused Banded Bench... 20x3 / 60x2x3 / 80x3
+chains... 90x10x3 (half close grip half full grip)

CGBP +chains... 100x3x10/6/5

Facepulls... 20x3x20
Ext Rot... 3x6

Rope Upright Rows... 20x3x15

Chins (various grips)... 5x8

Love my new bench!
speed good, gona start wearing my oly's for benching, for obvious reasons.

20 September 2010

DE Lower - 20.09.10

Beltless Squat... 60x3 / 100x3 / 140x3
+hanging chains... 140x4x3

Ab Rollouts... 3x15

Glute Bridge... 100x5

squats were done at about 65% including the chains but traing to work on speed over a longer set with more weight. chains were set up so they werent touching the floor. power felt good, maybe lost a bit of speed on the third rep but still popped up nicely. def feeling it more in the glutes. 4th glute awakening session tonight.

was gona do clutre vridges properly, but kept getting hamstring cramps at the top, anoying as i want to get these going properly.

19 September 2010

ME Upper - 19.09.10

Box Press...

Reg Grip... 60x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120x2 / 130x2
Close Grip...60x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 120x2 / 130x2

X Wide Grip... 110x3x3

Reg Grip... 110x6 / 110x3

Basically a floor press made into full rom by putting my back on a 4" box. 130 was full out for both sets.

Bodyweight down to 107.

16 September 2010

Additional Session

I ma going to add another session to my current training week, this will reduce the amount of time each microcycle takes as well as reducing the overall mesocycle time from four weeks to three. I will not be increasing the assistance work however. An additional day will consist of the primary movement with drop down sets only. For upper days there will be some opposing muscle group assistance but for lower it will exclusively consist of mobility warm ups and the main movement. This was assistance will still be the same but more sessions will be completed, recovery in this sense shouldnt be altered too much.

Another thing to note is my ME sessions will soon start to alter, although they will, for now, follow westside im going to incorporate some ideas from Prelipins table and Mike Tuchschere's RPE method.

Watch this space.

13 September 2010

Injury Woes

Nothing too major, but cut my hands up in work recently so have to take some time off to allow them to recover, any weight bearing down on them makes the wounds open up again or bleed.

Also having some serious back pain i believe to be SIJ issues, have always had glute activation/weaknesses which i havent been able to address through lunges of any sort due to poor ankle mobility, hence have taken it upon myself to add a further two sessions a week consisting of stretching, lots of glute work, SMR and other rehab stuff, plus trap work. something like..

Hip Flexor Stretching & Glute Activation
Sinlge Leg Bridges
Bird Dogs
Lying Abduction
Band Trap work

9 September 2010

DE Lower - 09.09.10

Banded Squat + chains... 60x3x2 / 100x2 / 130x6x2

Rev Band DL... 100 / 140 / 180x6x1

Standing Abs

really working on tech today. squats spot on, DL still a bit too round, really tring to get my hips at just the right spot.

Some pic's from over the years. bodyweights are roughly..


7 September 2010

ME Upper - 07.09.10

Triton Floor Press... 20x3 / 60x2x3
+chains... 80x3 / 100x3 / 120x3 / 130x3 / 140 / 100x6 / 100x5F6

Ultra wide Floor Press... 100x10 / 100x6 / 100x4

BB Row... 120x8 / 110x3x10

Facepulls... 25x5x10

Tricep Pushdown... 20x3x10
Pulley Curl... 20x3x10

thrid rep of the 130 was a grinder, as was the 140 for the lockout. with using the triton bar i add two 1.25 plates extra and the 1k collars, so im guessing about 152.5 at lockout for the 140 rep. first set of rows felt too heavy, need to learn to breathe right doing heavy rows.

4 September 2010

ME Lower - 04.09.10

2" Defecit DL... 70x2x2 / 120x2x2 / 170x2 / 200x2 / 220x2 / 235 / 170x2

Power Snatch... 50x2x1 / 70x2x1 / 80 / 90 / 100x8x1F

Standing Abs

pulls not as smooth as id have liked, started the 235 too high with my hips which is to be expected i suppose with a max. but still, need to work the tech on dynamic days more.

1 September 2010


Have finally managed to acquire a 4" PVC pipe for SMR work. Tonight did each of the movements mentioned in the article linked below. Agonising pain was experienced in many of the movements, though it was a kind of nice feeling. Looking forward to the repurcussions.