24 September 2010

ME Lower - 24.09.10

Beltless Squat... 60x2x3 / 80x2x3 / 100 / 140 / 170 / 200

Belted... 200 / 210F

Beltless... 140x3x3

Chins... 4x8

seriously gay and crappy session. had a bit of doms going in from monday DE session, so probably overdone it there, consequently took ages to warm up, but whatever. was hoping for 210 beltless, wasnt gona happen today.

really hating bodypart splits, by the time i've done my squats, the last thing i want to do is load my spine for stiff legs or the like, gona have a good read about to try and sort my shit out. want to keep the dynamic work to some extent but use some other methods ive been reading about as late.

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