7 September 2010

ME Upper - 07.09.10

Triton Floor Press... 20x3 / 60x2x3
+chains... 80x3 / 100x3 / 120x3 / 130x3 / 140 / 100x6 / 100x5F6

Ultra wide Floor Press... 100x10 / 100x6 / 100x4

BB Row... 120x8 / 110x3x10

Facepulls... 25x5x10

Tricep Pushdown... 20x3x10
Pulley Curl... 20x3x10

thrid rep of the 130 was a grinder, as was the 140 for the lockout. with using the triton bar i add two 1.25 plates extra and the 1k collars, so im guessing about 152.5 at lockout for the 140 rep. first set of rows felt too heavy, need to learn to breathe right doing heavy rows.

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