27 September 2010

Training thoughts

Westside is not 100% working for me, im undecided if this is down to lack of volume on the competition lifts or if i've made a mistake in my exercise selection.

Looking back over the exercise selections i've made, the ME bench work hasnt been too bad, with most of the selection being either a floor press of some variation or a bench press of some variation.

ME lower work has been ok also, though i think with only one session per mesocycle for the squat and deadlift, the volume to illicit progression isn't there, if i keep to westside, i will remove good mornings as a main exercise and utilise the additional session for the other two lifts, this would increase the lifts per mesocycle to two for the deadlift and squat. GM's will be done as assistance.

DE work has been poorly planned and for both upper and lower work, there has been too much accomodating resistance, and whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing i think it may have been hurting my recovery as well as not allowing me to work the weaker positions of my lifts.

Acc Res - From here, i will likely utilise this only for max effort work, i plan to increase the weight on dynamic work to somewhere in the region of 70-80%.

Im looking at running a basic template, utilising a 5rep week, 3 rep week and then a single or double, in a sense, 531 but not the same set pattern, the set pattern is likely to be determined by my fatigue levels, using RTS systems RPE methods. So i may end up doing 4 sets of 5 in the first week one cycle but the next cycle only three, depending on fatigue.

Assitance is going to be cut back also, i havent decided to what exactly but the following will definately be there..


Im also still working opn my glutes so hopefully once they are up to par i will introduce some hypertrophy and strength work for them.

More to come when i've found the answer.

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