31 October 2010

ME Bench - All Hallows '10

Triton Bench - 3@9... 60x2x3 / 80x3 / 90x3 / 100x3 / 120x3 / 130x3@9 / 120x3 / 120x3@9

needed 127.5x3@9 to get a PR but couldnt find my 1.25s so put on 130, pleased with that, ish.

30 October 2010

ME Deadlift - 30.10.10

Deadlift - 2@9... 70x2x2 / 90x2x2 / 120x2 / 170x2 / 190x2 / 210x2 / 220x2@8.5 / 230F / 220F / 200x2

GMs... 20x5 / 70x5 / 90x5 / 110x5

Lying leg raises

shiiiiiitte, prob shouldn;t have done the deads, i never tend to pull well early in the morning and this was done within an hour of waking on all of 50g maltodextrin.

went to a new gym today, pretty pants. naff all plates (i used pretty much all of them to load up the 230), really shit bars, could be good if these were improved somewhat.

26 October 2010

DE Bench - 26.10.10

Seated PC's... 5x2x10

Bench Presss 3@7... 60x2x3 / 80x3 / 95x3 / 107.5x6x3@7

DB Bench... 32.5x17 / 32.5x16 / 32.5x16F

Fat Grip CG Pulldowns... 87x4x10

PecDeck Rev Flyes... 30x5x10

Seated PC's... 10x4x10

Hyperextensions... +40x5x6

max rep work on the db work, looking to increase this week by week for the forseeable at the same weight.

25 October 2010

DE Squat - 25.10.10

Squat - 2@7... 60x2x3 / 100x3 / 140x2 / 162.5x1@8 / 140x6x2@7

loads of stretches and mobility work with 60k

doing the asst.tomorrow. damn cold today, need to get tighter in my upper back, need more mobility in my shoulders, just more warming up really.

24 October 2010

ME Bench - 24.10.10

Fat Grip Bench Press - 5@9... 60x3x3 / 80x5 / 100x5 / 110x5 / 115x5@9

-5%... 110x5 / 110x5@9


ok-ish. only have 120x3@9 so cant expect more, it didnt feel hard, but there was only about a rep left.

22 October 2010

ME Squat - 22.10.10

Beltless Squat in Olys - 3@9... 60x2x3 / 100x3 / 140x3 / 160x3 / 180x1F3 / 170x3@9

GM's... 100x4x5

SLDL... 100x3 / 140x3 / 160x6

Standing Abs... 20x10 / 20x15 / 20x15

**** knows what happened here. the first 180 was a struggle but i didnt think i'd fail the set, in shock. possibly due to tthe ray squats @8 and ab work two days ago but who knows, i'd still have thought i could get a triple at 180 on any day of the week regardless of any previous workout stress.

21 October 2010

DE Bench Press - 21.10.10

Bench Press - 3@8... 60x4x3 / 80x2x3 / 100x3 / 110x3 / 115x3 / 120x3@8

-5%... 108x4x3

Ultra Wide Grip... 90x3x6

BB Row... 90x3x10
Rope Upright Row...
30x3x10 .. >DS> 20x17

enjoyed that, ****ing hate rowing these days though, the weight is no struggle, but the stress i get on my back is immense with any more weight than say 100, probs worth addressing somehow.

20 October 2010

DE Squat - 19.10.10

Manta Ray Squat - 2@7... 60x3x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 130x3@7 / 140x2@7 / 140x4x2

No Ray (lulz)... 100x5

Rollouts... 3x15

the ray (as i will call it) is the shizzle, took a fair few sets to get used to but found once i got the hang of it, it made things feel harder but not to a point where the weight felt hard. i.e. the final few 140's felt difficult to maintain but easy to do.

anywho, dropping back to 100 to see the difference was an eye opener, i think with a bit of rotation with heavy weight using the ray, it could be a badass tool.

wasn't particularly comfy on the neck, but it certainly spread the load and meant not wearing wrist wraps to support the weight easily.

was meant to do pulls today, hence lack of asst as i have ME squat friday.

18 October 2010

ME Bench - 18.10.10

Bench Press... 60x3x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 122.5 / 135 / 150F / 145F / 120F - oops.

Rev Band Bench... 120x4x3

Fat Grip DB Row... 33x2x15
Facepulls... 25x2x15
Rope Upright Row... 25x2x10

gay benchingz, hardly came off the chest.
band tension was insane on asst work, almost a complete deload on the chest and felt more than 100 at lockout, bizzare.

14 October 2010

ME Deadlift - 14.10.10

Deadlift - 1@9/10... 60x3x1 / 80x1 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 170 / 200

belt on... 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 (PR)

ITH Andersons... 60x3 / 100x3 / 142.5x3x3

Standing Abs

Banded Hyperextensions

Loads of light oly work (targeting traps)

@9/10 dependant on how i felt, felt ok considering all ive eaten today is 3 beef pasties and a litre of maltodextrin. 260 felt like murder but looks OK on vid

13 October 2010

DE Benchingzzzz!! - 13.10.10

Bench Press - 3@7... 60x3x3 / 80x3 / 90x3 / 97.5x3@7 / 97.5x9x3

Upright Rope Rows...

tech gettign much better, took foot stance out WIDE this time and made a huge difference in both tightness and speed. also did half the sets close grip which also felt much faster and i dont think theres a huge ROM difference, will continue to experiment there. thats the feet placement sorted, just the rest to sort now.

next weeks ME bench was meant to be 1@9, may go for another 2@9 for now and save the singles for the next mesocycle/the meet.

11 October 2010

DE Squat - 11.10.10

Squat - 2@7... 60x2x3 / 80x3 / 100x2 / 140x2

belted... 140x2

no belt... 160x2@7

Oly Shoes... 160x2 / 160x2 / 160x2 / 160x2@7.5

Belt... 160x2 / 160x2

lot of farting about, havent worn oly's for ages to squat so thought id give em a bash, wasnt more than @7 with the last set, but the next set would've been more. no assisstance work as i gota got on with my thesis.

10 October 2010

ME Bench -10.10.10

Paused Triton Bench - 2@9... 60x2x3 / 80x2x3 / 100x2 / 120x2 / wraps on.. 130x2 / 135x2@9.5

-5%... 125x2 / 125x2@9

drop sets... 90x3x6
rope upright rows...

135 wasnt 100% but not far off, thought i may have had more at the 125 dropset but not there today. first time using the triton for bench pressing, nigh bad, very hard to use the same groove, brought it down more or less to the top of my stomach rather than bottom of chest/sternum

8 October 2010

ME SQUAT - 08.10.10

Squat - 1@9... 60x2x3 / 100x2x3 / 140x3
+belt... 140x3 / 170 / 190@9 / 190x4x1
-belt... 170x3

SLDL... 100x3 / 140x3 / 170x3 / 180x3

squat strength still down, still nice to be doing more than one single though. gona keep at @9 for ME days for now, unless i go to @10 by mistake, though i pretty much know where im gona peak on any given day depending how warmups go though.

6 October 2010

DE Bench - 06.10.10

Wide Grip Pause Bench - 3@7... 60x3x3 / 80x3 / 90x3 / 95x3@7 / 95x7x3

Close Grip Bench... 95x10 / 95x8 / 95x7
10 / 8 / 8

Facepulls... 25x3x15

man i struggle with foot positioning, im also debating as to whether an arch is actually any use to me. i seem to get just as much leg drive whether i use one or not.

5 October 2010

DEDL - 05.10.10

DL - 2@7... 80x2x2 / 100x2 / 140x2 / 170x2@7 / 170x6x2

ITH Anderson... 140x3 / 140x3 / 140x3 / 140x3

Lying Leg Raise... 5x10

last set of squats hard graft. enjoyed today, need to be much more aggressive with my pulls, which is a struggle as with the weather i need to train in the shed, hence drop on the pins. looking forward to a real gym experience for deads.

4 October 2010

ME Bench - 04.10.10


Fat Gripz Paused Bench 3@9... 60x2x3 / 80x2x3 / 100x3 / 110x3 / 120x3@9 - 120x3x3 / 80x2x10


ok so first set of 120 prob had two in the tank, so more like an 8.5 so decided to keep at this untill i reached a hard 9. hope this higher volume is going to pay off.