20 October 2010

DE Squat - 19.10.10

Manta Ray Squat - 2@7... 60x3x3 / 80x3 / 100x3 / 130x3@7 / 140x2@7 / 140x4x2

No Ray (lulz)... 100x5

Rollouts... 3x15

the ray (as i will call it) is the shizzle, took a fair few sets to get used to but found once i got the hang of it, it made things feel harder but not to a point where the weight felt hard. i.e. the final few 140's felt difficult to maintain but easy to do.

anywho, dropping back to 100 to see the difference was an eye opener, i think with a bit of rotation with heavy weight using the ray, it could be a badass tool.

wasn't particularly comfy on the neck, but it certainly spread the load and meant not wearing wrist wraps to support the weight easily.

was meant to do pulls today, hence lack of asst as i have ME squat friday.

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