30 October 2010

ME Deadlift - 30.10.10

Deadlift - 2@9... 70x2x2 / 90x2x2 / 120x2 / 170x2 / 190x2 / 210x2 / 220x2@8.5 / 230F / 220F / 200x2

GMs... 20x5 / 70x5 / 90x5 / 110x5

Lying leg raises

shiiiiiitte, prob shouldn;t have done the deads, i never tend to pull well early in the morning and this was done within an hour of waking on all of 50g maltodextrin.

went to a new gym today, pretty pants. naff all plates (i used pretty much all of them to load up the 230), really shit bars, could be good if these were improved somewhat.

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