22 October 2010

ME Squat - 22.10.10

Beltless Squat in Olys - 3@9... 60x2x3 / 100x3 / 140x3 / 160x3 / 180x1F3 / 170x3@9

GM's... 100x4x5

SLDL... 100x3 / 140x3 / 160x6

Standing Abs... 20x10 / 20x15 / 20x15

**** knows what happened here. the first 180 was a struggle but i didnt think i'd fail the set, in shock. possibly due to tthe ray squats @8 and ab work two days ago but who knows, i'd still have thought i could get a triple at 180 on any day of the week regardless of any previous workout stress.

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