15 November 2010

Bench - 15.11.10

Skipping 5mins

Bench - 4@9... 60x3x4 / 80x4 / 100x4 / 110x4 / 120x4@9.5 / 110x3x4 (stop due to cramp)

Skipping 5mins

session absolutely ruined by cramp due to cold and gay darkness. felt warm but most sets were hindered by some sort of cramping, mainly in my lats and erectors. can't wait to get training in a gym full time.
rope turn best - 48

still havent sorted training schedule, so atm im thinking something like..

Squat / bench repetition / back / PC

Bench / squat asst / hams / upper back & abs

GMs/DL / back / upper back / abs/glutes

something along those line anyway

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