5 December 2010

Dead/Bench - 05.12.10

Deadlift (Beltless) - 3@8... 60x10 / 60x3 / 100x3 / 140x3 / 180x3 / 200x3 / 210x3@8.5 / 180x5

Bench... up to 110x5@9 / 90x10 / 90x6 / 60x10

totally ****ed up tonight, thought the gym closed at 10, got there at 6.15 and was informed they shut in 45mins. after driving down i thought it'd be better to do something than nothing and risk losing the session completely.

deads felt good, the 210 felt good, prob max at 225x3. bench felt lame and hard. oh well.

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