11 December 2011

Update 11.12.11

Training update -

Bodyweight is down to 97kg and is pretty steady around there; what with the weight category changes in the IPF I can either go up in BW to 105 (this would be difficult to get a lean increase, for me at least anyway) or down to the 93 class, which would mean me coming in leaner, providing the strength doesn't deplete, this is probably the better option atm.

BDFPA classes are still the same, so I could stay at 97 and compete in the 100 class. My fed of choice is still undecided.

Lifts are all about where they were when I was at 110kg;

Squat 205
Bench 140
Dead 250

id say on a good day, all my previous PRs (210/140/260) are there. These will be old PRS within a few months I'm sure.

Training wise im currently working on more volume with low reps for the bench and squat and deadlift work is focused around off the floor strength (front squats and defecit pulls will be on the menu for the coming weeks)

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